JULY 5, 2016 to JULY 19, 2016

Austin, Texas

Join us for an intense, high energy two-week exchange where eighteen standout Austrian university students will start early stage companies and become innovation bridges between the U.S. and Austria.


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3DS Vienna Springboard


Virtual Bootcamp (1 month before arrival): Participating students meet, get introduced to key entrepreneurship principles, and learn best practices for maximizing the Austria to Austin Student Startup Experience. The bootcamp will prepare you fully for your trip to the United States and the start of your international entrepreneurial journey.

3DS Entrepreneurship Camp: Spend 72 hours with 17 fellow Austrian exchange participants at Capital Factory, the epicenter of entrepreneurship in Austin, Texas, to create 4-5 early stage venture projects. At the end of the camp, you’ll pitch your ideas to 3DS alumni from our global network and an esteemed group of panelists.

Global Startup Conference: Meet the world’s great doers, thinkers, and makers at universities around the world at a 3-day conference. Continue building your entrepreneurial capabilities through various workshops and panels and maybe build some early partnerships in between. Have your business cards ready! You’ll be networking with the best of the best for three days straight.

Startup Innovation Experience: Gain exposure to one of the most innovative cities in America and learn how to transform your communities back home. Visit companies like Facebook, Google, HomeAway, and Rackspace; see coworking spaces like Capital Factory, Geekdom, and Impact Hub; and meet social, business, and corporate entrepreneurs throughout Texas. We’ll teach you how to navigate any startup ecosystem. 

Cultural Activities: Join us for great BBQ, two-stepping, food trucks, summer fun in Barton Springs, Texas history, and more. Alongside building your entrepreneurial capabilities, you’ll enjoy traditional Texan pastimes and excursions. Get ready for some fun in the sun.

Post-Exchange Mentorship Tracks (3-6 months after departure): After the exchange, stay connected with the entrepreneurs you met through one of three mentorship tracks: business/social entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship, or community building. You’ll be successful and accomplishing your goals in no time.

Application Closed!


Can students without an Austrian citizenship apply?


Students who are permanent, legal residents in Austria are encouraged to apply.  It is not required that applicants be Austrian citizens, but you must have permanent roots in Austria and an intent to continue work and live in Austria.  You should list your current country of citizenship and describe the details of your situation in the “What else do we need to know about you?” section.

What time do I need to commit to this program?

Each participant who is selected to participate in the exchange will need to devote 3 hours before the exchange for a virtual boot camp, pre-arrival orientation, and solidifying travel logistics. All participants will depart Vienna on July 3rd and arrive back on July 20th. Each participant will also select a mentorship track that will vary in time commitment.

How much does it cost?

All expenses (food, travel, accommodations, stipend) are covered during this exchange for those accepted into the program.

What does the schedule look like during the exchange?

Here is an early schedule that will give you an idea of what to expect.

What does the exchange look like?

You and 18 other students will journey through one of the top entrepreneurial ecosystems in the United States. In two weeks, you will start an early stage company, participate in a global conference, go on-site visits to companies like Google and Facebook, and experience the culture and climate of Austin, Texas. The goal is to build enough momentum among a network of motivated people to take Vienna’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to the next level when you return.

If I participate, what do I get out of the exchange?

The worst case scenario is that you will work with brilliant people from numerous disciplines around the world toward the common goal of building real companies and building entrepreneurial communities. The best case scenario is that you will be a co-founder of a wildly successful new startup.

I’m a student majoring in a subject other than business or technology; should I even consider applying?

The short answer is: “Yes.” Our past participants have spanned everything from a freshman in Anthropology to a freshly minted Ph.D. in Neuroscience. If you’re at all passionate about startups and entrepreneurship, it is likely that you will be a valuable participant.


Can I apply even though I am not a student?

Bummer! Unfortunately, you are unable to apply. If you’re interested in kicking off a 3 Day Startup program in your community though, please reach out to

Is there an age requirement?

You must be 18-28 years old to apply for this exchange. We wish everyone could join us, but those are the rules.

Do I need to have an idea to participate?


Not at all! We’re looking for exceptional Austrian students who are interested in one or more of the following: 1) starting their own business or social company, 2) using entrepreneurial skills inside of a corporation, and interested in evangelizing entrepreneurship in their community upon their return.

When will interviews start?
We will begin conducting interviews mid-February. Get ready! We’re almost there.
What is your rate of success?

First of all, check out some of the companies that have been started by graduates of 3 Day Startup here. Our main metric for success is how many of our alumni found companies that take investment, generate revenue or enter incubators. It is common to hear the word “startup” get thrown around. When we say startup, we mean the real thing: companies that are making money or taking investment. Per program, 3 Day Startup result in more successful startups than any other weekend entrepreneurship event. We have run 220+ programs in the US and internationally, and those have given rise to 90 companies that have cumulatively received over $70 million in funding. 33 companies from 3DS have been accepted to accelerators such as Y Combinator, Tech Stars, 500 Startups, and Dreamit Ventures. On average, each 3 Day Startup program has generated more than one successful startup. This includes programs in mature and nascent university entrepreneurship ecosystems. More FAQs here.

I have a question that you haven’t answered.

Great! Please email your question to, and we’ll post the question and answer here. This way others can benefit from your curiosity.


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For questions about the Austria to Austin Student Startup Exchange, please email Alexis Taylor at

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